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The Problem

By way of The Bridge SM we aim to address homeownership affordability and improve market stability. Our product empowers consumers with financial security, and cultivate a more, attractive, and robust economic landscape.

What is The Bridge SM?

The Bridge is a new financial product that officially changes the way mortgage financing is performed by adding literal cash to the home financing transaction via a 2nd mortgage product with No Monthly Principal or Interest Payments EVER. Archie Mae facilitates the addition of 25% cash of a home’s total purchase price for purchase or refinance, with no stringent income or price restrictions on our product. At the point of mortgage termination either through the sale of the home, refinance, or pay-off The Bridge SM allows consumers to exchange 100% of the Appreciation, up to 4% per year as the cost of money.

The Bridge SM is:

• Insensitive To Interest Rate Fluctuations
• Lowers 1st Mortgage and corresponding mortgage payments while reducing lender/servicer default risk

The Bridge SM is:

A Value to Consumers in “The Bridge SM ” Ecosystem:
• NO Monthly Principal Payments on a 25% Second Mortgage… EVER
• NO Interest Payments (Calculated, Accrued, or Deferred)… EVER
• Improves Cashflow to: Pay Down, Purchase, Save, Invest, or Give

Mortgage Calculator:

Select The BridgeSM to see the difference.





Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest 1421

Annual Taxes 1421

Monthly HOA 1421

Annual Insurance 1421

DISCLAIMER: This calculation is a sample-estimate, it does not include actual tax fees, or any other applicable financial/ lender fees; it is meant to provide users with an idea of what the monthly mortgage cost could be.

Archie Mae's philosophy is imbedded in the cornerstone principle of leading with Education prior to providing Equity.

Archie Mae’s proprietary e-learning system was devised to provide a home buying education program. Our philosophy at Archie Mae is to ensure our consumers are properly empowered to take full advantage of the benefits associated with access to The BridgeSM. Successful completion of our on-line certification course is a condition of access to The BridgeSM. Post-Closing, consumers are also required to complete our additional on-line curriculum, which is designed to improve your Credit Quality making you a more valuable and knowledgeable Consumer.

There Is A Large Group Of People Who Are Totally Excluded From The Housing Market

• Can’t Afford Down payment / Can’t Qualify For High LTV Loan
• Forced To Rent Rather Than Buy

Many People Are Forced To Compromise ‘Where’ They Live

• Buy Older, Smaller Houses, With Worse ‘Proximity’, In Areas With Higher Crime & Inferior Schools
• Forced To Remodel Rather Than ‘Moving Up’ To The Next House Level

Even More People Are Overextended & “Cash-Poor”

• Higher Risk Of Default Due To Large Monthly Housing Costs
• Leisure Activities Sacrificed, High Stress Factor