Archie Mae

Answering The Issue Of National Homeownership Affordability!

The Issue:
Accordingly, over 24 million of our fellow Americans are experiencing a moderate or severe cost burden associated with housing – “A true Kitchen Table issue.”

The Solution:
We believe that we have an answer to this very real problem via an innovative “patent pending” mortgage product and technologically advanced delivery platform where consumers can reduce their monthly mortgage payments by 25%!

Our Mission

Archie Mae will accomplish it’s mission through the provisioning of financial and educational services that enable “affordable” homeownership for families at any income level especially low to moderate, who are traditionally locked out of homeownership… as well as middle to upper class.

Our Product

Empirically speaking, a consumer’s income, credit history and debt ratios are not the primary obstacles to home buying: the primary obstacle is LIQUIDITY. We have the solution; our commitment is reflected in our plan to optimize cash flow for 18 million + households, and 6 million + renters who desire to purchase over the next ten years. Though we start with qualified certification for home buyers and efficient on-line education, we end with a meaningful institutional, financial contribution that supplements a first mortgage. This is based upon our 25% second mortgage that has No Monthly Principal or Interest Payments EVER, using appreciation as the cost of money at up to 4% per year.

Archie Mae Top Features:

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What is the bridge?

The Bridge is a new financial product that officially changes the way mortgage financing is performed by adding literal cash to the home financing transaction via a 2nd mortgage product with no payment and no interest EVER.

Core Product Features

o Appreciation Not Interest
o No Payment Ever
o No Interest: Ever
o Exchange =100% of Appreciation Per Year Over 5 Years With A 3% Annual Appreciation Cap
o Re-New, Re-Finance, Buy, Sell or Swap “Out” Exit