Archie Mae


The Problem

Addressing post-mortgage due diligence inefficiencies directly increases ROI protecting investments against unforeseen costs and risks and improving investor overall performance and profitability.

Slower Processing Time

Traditional post -loan processes can extend transaction times by 3 additional weeks, inflating labor costs and delaying market entry.

Higher Operational Costs

Manual systems potentially double processing expenses - on 10,000 loans, this equates to an additional $5 million spent annually.

Higher Error Rates

Manual mortgage processing is prone to a 40% error rate in document handling, leading to costly rectifications and potential compliance violations.

Limited Capacity Restriction

Manual loan processing limits institutions to 80% of their potential operational capacity, constraining scalability and market adaptability.

Our Solution

Allows borrowers to have a 2nd mortgage without monthly principal payments or accrued interest, directly addressing affordability for all.

Proprietary “Patent Pending” Solution, The BridgeSM

For borrowers we provide lifelong financial education and empowerment through a world-class digital education platform.
For lenders, our cutting-edge Fintech platform cultivates a future market of homebuyers.

We Bring Value To The Market By Offering:

Our approach introduces new capital through innovative financing, increasing overall market liquidity and enabling greater investments.

By empowering first-time and underserved buyers, we’re expanding the market base, driving growth, and stabilizing demand across economic cycles.

We improve the credit quality of mortgages, which in turn enhances the reliability and health of the overall credit ecosystem, benefiting all stakeholders.

We’re contributing to the social good by making homeownership accessible which increases the volume of mortgages, which has a positive network effect on national wealth building and economic security.

Our Core:

Consumer Empowerment Tools

• ISO 20022, KYC, AML, CRA Compliant-Based
• HUD-Compliant Education Video Library
• Certification and Pre-Certification Tools
• Learning Personalization & Gamification
• Smart Accessibility

Loan Originator Tools

• Warm Lead Generation and Management
• Loan Due Diligence Automation on Blockchain
• AI-Informed Liquidity Strategies
• Real-Time Analytics and Reporting
• AI-Enhanced Collateral & Pre-Securitization
• Automation and Digitization (e.g., 1008 data on chain with market analytics)

High Level Platform Components

• ISO 20022, KYC, AML Compliant-Based
• Blockchain & Smart Contracts
• AI/Machine Learning/Machine Vision/GenAI
• Regulatory Compliance Engine
• AI-Powered Analytics & Insights
• Immutable Data Privacy and Security
• Tokenized Asset Minting & Custody (Phase 2)