Would you be interested in a 2nd mortgage product that provided 25% of total purchase or refinance price but did not have any monthly nor interest payments during its term?

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How would you take advantage of the savings associated with a 25% reduction in housing expenses?

pay down debt
save the savings
invest the savings
make a purchase

What is your time frame for obtaining a new home?

less than 3 months
3-6 months
6-9 months
9-12 months

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The Bridge (SM) is a new financial product that officially changes the way mortgage financing is performed by adding literal cash to the home financing transaction via a 2nd mortgage product with no monthly payments and no interest ever. Archie Mae facilitates the addition of 25% cash of a home's total purchase price for purchase or refinance residential transactions with no stringent income or price restrictions. Once the first mortgage matures and the homeowner has reaped the benefits of improved cash flow during that term, the homeowner has the options of selling, paying off, or refinancing into a more traditional product and share all the appreciated value of their home (up to 4% annual cap). The homeowner can now take the additional savings and reduce "other" debt, save for rainy days, invest for the future or make other delayed purchases.

"Core" Product Features

  • Use Appreciation Rate Not Interest Rate As Cost Of Money
  • No Traditional Interest Is Ever Calculated, Applied or Accrued
  • No Monthly Payment On Second Mortgage (during the term of the first mortgage, i.e. no balloon)
  • Exchange For No Payment Benefit Is 100% of Appreciation Per Year During the
  • Term With A 4% Annual Appreciation Cap
  • Re-Finance, Buy, Sell or Swap "Out" Exit

    Product Option:

  • Refinance
  • Purchase

  • Product Benefits

  • Affects Borrowers Choices Profoundly
  • Allows ZERO Down Payment (75% 1st Mortgage + 25% 2nd Mortgage)
  • Supplements Any Down Payment Requirement (e.g. 5% DP + 25% 2nd Mortgage + 70% 1st Mortgage)
  • Enables Customer To "Borrow Down" = Borrow Less 1st Mortgage Debt for Same House

  • Product Advantages

  • Insensitive To Interest Rate Fluctuations
  • Lowers 1st Mortgage and corresponding mortgage payments while reducing lender/servicer default risk
  • The Bridge Is A New and Unique Product - It Is ‘NOT’
  • - A Reverse Mortgage
    - A Negative Amortization Mortgage

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