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Archie Mae, Inc., an Atlanta-based institution, is emerging as the leading marketer and facilitator of providing cash to consumers for reducing the debt associated with home buying. As background, Archie Mae is not licensed as a lender nor broker- by design. Archie Mae accomplishes its mission by licensing national residential lenders to offer a second mortgage that has no principal nor interest payments during its term which reduces the monthly payments on the first mortgage significantly.

In addition to marketing, Archie Mae’s other primary function in the mortgage industry is to operate as a consumer Educator. Through strategic content providers, Archie Mae coordinates pre and post education initiatives to improve the quality of the homeownership experience. Archie Mae's Bridge Program was launched as a pilot program in Georgia during the Summer 2004 and will implement a national roll out involving a 30-city education tour in 2006.

The American Dream Tour

Archie Mae Proposes A $660B Plan To Congress That Provides All Homeowners With Relief Opportunity And Provide Bank Aid With Alternative Use Of Public Debt

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Archie Mae delivers this turn key program through a strategic alliance with a Fortune 500 company: First American - the nation's leading and largest provider of residential mortgage products and services such as appraisals, credit reports, flood certifications, loan process outsourcing, title, escrow, and closing.

Archie Mae does not offer loans or mortgages directly to consumers but through participating third party organizations
who are licensed brokers or lenders.
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